Dapper Dan Style Essentials

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Dapper Dan Style Essentials - The Ultimate Trio for Impeccable Styling

Master the art of perfect grooming with the Dapper Dan Style Essentials gift set. This comprehensive kit combines three of Dapper Dan's signature products to help you achieve a range of stylish, well-groomed looks.

Key features:

  • Matt Paste (100ml): Offering a strong, matte finish, this paste is easy to work into the hair, providing a versatile hold for all styles. Its water-based formula ensures easy washing out, leaving a subtle, masculine scent.
  • Sea Salt Spray (200ml): Ideal for creating texture and a 'raw' feel, similar to a day spent at the beach. Perfect for adding volume and achieving a rugged, natural look with a masculine fragrance.
  • Hand Made Styling Comb: A beautifully crafted brown-black pocket comb, saw-cut and hand-polished for a smooth glide through the hair. This high-quality comb ensures gentle treatment of hair and scalp.

The Dapper Dan Style Essentials gift set is a testament to the brand's dedication to creating compact, quality styling products since its inception in Sheffield, England in 2011. This gift set is an ideal choice for anyone looking to elevate their styling game.

Note: The products are developed by professionals, ensuring high performance and satisfaction.